Friday, 14 August 2015

... the total bean crop

Good evening everybody,

I went out to the garden today and pulled out all the bean plants from the raised bed. I stripped off all the beans that were left on the plants and today's total was 12.8 pounds of green and yellow beans. 

I have been picking beans from these plants for several weeks now and I have kept track of what sort of harvest we got from this one bed.

I am happy to note that the total bean harvest is 40.2 pounds from one 3 x 15
foot raised bed. Once I had cleared the bean plants I did note that there were very very few weeds in the bed.

That bed has now been planted up with a crop of fall broccoli, some kohlrabi a few kale plants and I have interplanted with lettuce. I also put in two cabbage plants, one green and one red that my neighbour gave me for plant sitting for her while she was away on holiday. 

I know that it is late in the season but the plants are all about 8 weeks old at least and have a very established root system. I am hoping that they will take off and grow like crazy over the next 6 weeks or so. All of them are somewhat cold tolerant, except the lettuce, so they can hopefully take a light frost if necessary in the autumn. 

We are at the start of yet another heat wave here in Ontario so I will need to get out there very early in the morning if I have any hope of getting any work done. I am looking forward to the crisp cool days of autumn so I can get the last of these beds done.

That is it for me for tonight. I will not be posting for a short while as we have family coming to visit. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

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