Wednesday, 12 August 2015

... a few updates

Hello everybody,

I have had a very short break and got away for a couple of days to visit a very dear friend but now it is back at it.

The strawberries are growing like mad and sending out runners in every direction. They are very determined to send out their little daughters to make new plants and I am equally determined that they shall not!

You can see from this photo that some of them are VERY determined. I have been around several times and cut them all off. 

In the process of doing that, just take a look at what I found.

Are they not beautiful? I think so and I can tell you they were delicious. The Day Neutral berries are flowering now and quite a few are setting fruit so we should get a few berries by the autumn.

I have been continuing to work on pathways around the perimeter of the veggie area and just got another delivery of tiny pea gravel. 10 tons of it. That works out to 20,000 pounds of stone to shovel up and lug into the garden in a wheelbarrow. No wonder I have lost weight this summer. 

More wood has been ordered to put in 8 more raised beds in the vegetable area. I will order the Triple Mix when the wood arrives. They will not be planted out this year but will be filled and covered over all ready to plant out in the spring. The more work like that you can do at this time of year the farther ahead you will be next spring when there is tons of work to do.

Well I think that is it for me for today. Thanks for visiting. See you soon. Cheers.

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