Tuesday, 5 May 2015

... patience

Hello everyone,

I know that posts have been few and far between these days but the gardening season has arrived here in eastern Ontario and with it, lots and lots of work. I will try my best to post at least once a week.

And now, on to the topic of my blog post.


I do not have a whole lot of it for a great many things in my life. However, I am a gardener. And generally speaking, gardeners have all the patience in the world. We have to. And most of the time our patience is rewarded. And mine was tonight.

My friends, I am talking about ASPARAGUS!!!

When we bought this land, the very first thing we did in our kitchen garden was to put in an asparagus bed. We planted two different varieties, namely "Jersey Giant" and "Martha Washington". We planted 50 one year old crowns of each. Sadly we lost almost all of the Martha Washington plants after one year. I have ordered another batch of crowns and they will be planted as soon as they arrive. 

Happily, the Jersey Giants are mostly doing really well. We planted the first crowns in 2011. We waited the required three years and were all set to enjoy that first taste of our own asparagus last year but this entire area was flooded in the Spring, as were my asparagus beds. We thought it was prudent not to harvest anything to allow the crowns to recover from being underwater for so long.

So this year I spent an entire week weeding all the beds, watering them since this has been a very dry spring and waiting, patiently.

And then a couple of days ago .... there it was ... an asparagus spear poking it's little head up out of the soil. And then another ... and another.

And tonight, there were enough of those beautiful little darlings that I picked a half pound of them and we had them for dinner. They were sublime. I absolutely adore asparagus. I do not buy the stuff in the grocery store that has traveled here all the way from Mexico or Peru. I only eat Ontario grown, and now I can eat my own. 

My patience has been amply rewarded.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week. Cheers.

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