Saturday, 9 May 2015

... and a little more of the same

Hello everybody,

The warm weather is continuing here and I decided to give myself a day off from garden work. Ran some errands, did some grocery shopping, that kind of thing.

However, even though I am not on my knees weeding, there is always still something that absolutely must be done. 

The asparagus must be cut.

You cannot let it get out of control and get too big.

We have had a lovely asparagus and mushroom omelet with a big bunch of it and last nights dinner was a "clean out the fridge" kind of stir fry with, you guessed it, fresh asparagus.

Since we only eat Ontario asparagus, we eat a lot of it over a fairly short period of time. And by that I mean we eat it pretty much every day. 

It is very easy to get bored of it, especially if it was only just boiled or steamed every time. We wait all year for the taste of that first perfect green spear so we must never take it for granted. There are probably thousands of ways to prepare it. Use your imagination and delight in it while it is here 'cause it is gone all too quickly and it is a long wait until next year.

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mom's Day to all you mummys out there. Cheers.

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