Friday, 20 March 2015

... stretch the food budget

Hello everybody,

Let's talk about food budgets. 

Our family, not unlike millions of others, has a budget for food shopping. And we stick to it. Like glue.

We set aside a specific amount each week for groceries. When I take the money out of the bank (I know, very old fashioned but it works for me), the first thing that I do is to take $20.00 out and set it aside. I do this each and every week. Then the balance of the money that I have is used to buy groceries.

I put that $20.00 aside and use it for the big holidays when you need to spend more on the groceries. You know, the Easter ham, Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys, things like that. It is very easy to blow the budget to smithereens at the holidays. However, with this little nest egg tucked away, I have something to fall back on. Over the course of 52 weeks, that grows to $1040.00. I can very easily purchase ALL of the holiday goodies with that and in fact there is often some left over. 

It may seem like such a very small thing but this is how they did it for many many years in the past. Back then, they were called Turkey clubs or Goose clubs. The idea was the same. You would deposit a small amount each week with the club manager and at the end of the year you would get your turkey or goose for the holidays. It is like making payments on time for the bird.

The beauty of this simple plan is that you can choose to set aside whatever amount you want depending on the plans for the year and how much holiday entertaining you want to do. After a few weeks it is easy to forget all about that little nest egg until you need it. Give it a try.

Thanks for visiting today. Hope you have a wonderful Spring day! Cheers.

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  1. Excellent advise! (and whose really going to miss that 20 dollars a week?) I'm sure many of us can visualize that easily as 3 or 4 fancy coffees! There's a really good book out there that I purchased almost 20 years ago - its called 'How to Live Without a Salary'. I purchased it when my husband took a buy-out and our income was changing drastically! It is a very good book and we've lived with a budget ever since (although we're not as stringent with it all the time), but I get myself back in check every once in a while to make sure that we're not blowing money where we shouldn't be!