Saturday, 21 March 2015

... experiment update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to update you all on my little experiment of growing some veggies on the window sill in the house.

The micro greens are doing simply amazing. Here is a photo of them. They look wonderful and will be turned into a salad next week. I will just cut them off without pulling them out in the hopes that they will all regrow as they would outside in the garden, cut and come again.

Now these photos are of the green beans. These are the ones that I was told you cannot grow in the house. Well, just have a look at those lovely blossoms. I have been running my hands over the plants every day for a week or so now to simulate the wind outside.

And .... what should my wondering eyes see ... but... 

I do believe that is a very tiny little green bean, right in the middle of the photo. So cute!

Even if this never really produces very much, or even anything at all, I have enjoyed giving it a try.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a terrific weekend. Cheers.

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