Monday, 7 September 2015

... the autumn harvest

Hello there everyone,

The title of the post may be "the autumn harvest" but the weather here in eastern Ontario could not be less like autumn. We are once again in the middle of a horrific heat wave with the humidex up into the 40s.

Despite the heat we have been out in the garden gathering produce when it is ready. We planted quite a lot of squash this year and one of the varieties was Green Hubbard. We peeked into the mass of squash leaves and saw this beauty lying there just growing away happily. 

We will let it sit outside on the porch for a couple of weeks to allow the skin to harden and then bring it in and store it in the larder. When it comes time to use it I will cut it all up, steam the cubes of squash flesh and pop them into the freezer. They will make great soups and casseroles in the winter time.

Of course we are still getting lots of courgettes daily. I have been freezing them and we give lots away. The fall planting of lettuces are doing well and I hope they will not all bolt in this heat. The Day Neutral strawberries are exceptional. Huge and delicious. We are also getting some fall fruiting raspberries and a few blackberries every day and they too are wonderful.

I have just received another delivery of wood and we will be putting in 8 more raised beds this autumn so they are all ready for spring planting. The more work we can do now the easier things will be in the spring when sowing and transplanting make construction of new beds a challenge as we just do not have the time.

Well that is it for me for today. I am hiding out in the house trying to stay cool until this heat wave breaks. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

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