Friday, 17 July 2015

... one perfect berry

Hello everybody,

It is a rainy day here in Ontario. We know that truly horrific weather (humidity) is on it's way so Frank and I were out in the garden doing some work. Frank was tying up and suckering the tomatoes and I was removing all the runners, again, from the strawberries. Boy are they prolific little things!

As I was working my way along the rows, something caught my eye. It was bright red!

It was one single perfectly ripe strawberry from the June bearing bed. I have been trying to remove all the blossom from those plants but I guess I missed one. I picked it, cut it in half and Frank and I shared it.

Utterly delicious. It tasted like a hot summer day!

This is why I grow my own food. For moments like this one. You cannot get anything fresher or more perfect than when you grow it yourself. Never a drop of chemicals on it and yet it was absolutely perfect looking.

In that same thought, all our beans are flowering like mad and we expect to see some little baby beans on them soon. 

The scarlet runner beans are also flowering and that bright burst of red is so cheerful.

The courgettes are growing a treat and I picked a small one to have with a salad for dinner tonight. We have 9 plants in total. The 6 in the raised bed all have little courgettes on them. The 3 in the open ground have nothing yet. We will pick them when they are small so it is easy to stay on top of things. I hate when you miss them and before you know it, it is the size of your leg!

Most of the tomatoes are flowering and several of them already have tomatoes about the size of plums. My mouth waters just at the thought of that toasted tomato sandwich!

I am working on a side pathway that will run along at the end of the first row of raised beds. When I have the pathway finished, we will order in more lumber and continue making beds. I have a couple of flats of brassicas to plant out in those new beds as soon as they are done. I may also plant a crop of carrots that I can protect under some row cover and straw in the autumn and of course lots more spinach.

Well that is it for me for today. Try to stay cool when this humidity wave hits. Thanks so much for visiting. Cheers.

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