Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Hello again.

I am back with one more post for today.

A couple of years ago I was at a garden centre and happened to spy a plant that I thought I might like to try. I am completely certain that I am just like many other gardeners in this habit. We look at a plant, really wonder if it will survive where we garden but then decide to have a go and buy it anyway.

We gardeners are eternal optimists you know.

The plant I purchased was a fig.

Now as you know, I live in eastern Ontario. Canada. Where it gets pretty darn cold over the winters. Figs are definitely not native here.

Completely disregarding all these things I bought the little plant and brought it home. It spent the summer outside where absolutely nothing happened. I brought it into the house for the winter. It sat in a bright window and did nothing all winter. 

Then this spring I got a bit of a shock. It suddenly dropped all it's leaves. I though to myself that I had somehow killed it. 

But amazingly enough, I did not kill it. (After some research I have found that I should have removed all those leaves myself.) It began to grow out a new crop of leaves and then the most amazing thing happened. It began to grow out a fig. There is only one of them but it is there. At this writing it is about an inch long and too cute.

I have transplanted it into a larger pot and it seems to like it. I also moved the location outside to the front of the house where it gets all morning sun and then it is in shade from early afternoon. It seems to like that also. I noticed that it is now beginning to show signs of new growth as well.

So you see, it pays to be optimistic. It may have taken two years to produce that wee little fig but that does not matter. It is the pleasure in knowing that I can do it and if it does ever reach full size I am going to thoroughly enjoy eating it.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day. Cheers.

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