Thursday, 4 June 2015

... starting the veggie garden

Hello everybody,

I have been struggling with the after effects of my dental surgery so have not really done tons of work this week.

However, the day I have been waiting for arrived yesterday!

Frank built the first raised bed for the veggie garden!! I was so happy.

All the veggie garden beds will be built of the same material, namely, Hemlock. The beds we have already built are nice and sturdy so I assume that the new ones will be the same. The only drawback is that the wood is SO HEAVY!

After we put the bed together I spent the remainder of the day shoveling triple mix into a wheelbarrow and lugging it into the garden. I reckon that it took about 18 barrows of soil to fill the bed. What a lot of work, but it will be completely worth it. Alas, I will have to repeat that exercise for all the remaining beds to be built.

Today I planted out the bed with parsnips, carrots and beets. I am using the "Square Foot" method. What that means is that the entire bed is planted. There are no rows. I used a ruler and measured off the bed and used my finger to make a slight indent every 4" in both directions. Then I popped in the seeds, covered them up and watered well. 

Parsnips can be difficult to germinate so I put two seeds in each hole. The carrot seed is so tiny so I am sure that there are two or three in each hole. The beets being much easier to handle got one seed per spot. Now I just keep it well watered and pray for germination. After which I need to continue to pray that whatever it was that ate all my broccoli does not get it.  :(

It looks like I may have lost a couple of the strawberry plants. I gave them all a good watering today as we have had no rain for a while but a couple plants do not look good. Time will tell. The rhubarb has bounced back really well from being transplanted. I thoroughly weeded out the beds and then mulched heavily. 

It has been unbearably hot here today so I had to abandon the garden work for the rest of the day. Still not feeling 100% and want to get back out there tomorrow.

Thanks so much for visiting. Have a great day. Cheers.

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