Thursday, 2 April 2015

... experiment update for March

Hello everyone,

An update on the veggie on the windowsill experiment. We have eaten some of those lovely micro greens. I made a salad of a good sized handful of them. They were so tender and delicate, utterly delicious. I used only 100 grams of the greens so I can make at least another 2-3 salads with what I have left.

Also, just have a look at these little beauties. The green beans have done wonderfully. We will be having them for dinner tonight and then I will rip them out and replant for another go before I start to plant our main crop into the actual garden. It is old seed so I do not mind if they go back into a pot. It will provide at least another meal or two long before the garden plants are ready to produce anything.

Thanks for visiting. Stop by again soon. Cheers.

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